How do you help your students troubleshoot remotely?

We’ve all been there… we’re trying to remotely help a student or coworker problem-solve a technical issue, but we can’t see their screen! These new e-learning territories have opened up a whole new realm of possible problems we may need to solve from afar.

We’d love to hear from our community educators and librarians how they tackle the distance. Is screen-sharing possible or always the best solution? Are you able to imitate exactly what they see and click?

What other methods have you used to help your students during this time?

If students are having technical difficulties, I usually Google Meet and teh screen sharing feature to help students.

Thanks for sharing @ljanosek! Are there any common issues that your students run into while coding or using the platform? We’re always looking for new resources we can create (instructional videos, etc.) to help teachers and students overcome technical difficulties, especially with the added challenge of remote learning!

In coding club, we’ve been meeting live in Zoom. Students post code in the chat, and the students and I debug together :slight_smile:

Sometimes, for trickier code issues, I’ll ask students to send me their code! Then I can paste it into the vidcode workstation and see exactly what they’re seeing.