How did you hear about Vidcode?

Survey time! We’d love to know how you learned about Vidcode. Did you hear about it through your district, school/library, colleague, friend, a student? Let us know!

I learned about VidCode at a Unconference in Minnesota.

Attended a PD and loved it! Have been using it with my students for the 3 years now.

Awesome to hear! We love getting the chance to meet educators around the country in person. If you’re headed to any this year where our team might be as well, be sure to let us know and come say :wave:!

Fantastic! Our in-person PD’s are one of the best parts of our jobs, as we get to meet the awesome teachers that inspire their students every day.

@rsingha What was your biggest takeaway from the PD that you could share with other teachers as they are starting their coding or Vidcode journeys?

I learned about Vidcode through the NYEdTech meetup. I attended a workshop on August 2019 and I’ve been using it with my 7th and 8th-grade students. My school recently purchased an annual license.

Thanks so much, @bflores! We’re excited to have you in the Vidcode community, and we can’t wait to hear more about your wonderful initiatives with your students!

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I read a job description for a developer position at Vidcode on the Lesbians Who Tech mailing list, and applied! The rest is history.

What would we do without you, Miles?? Glad to have you on the team! :grinning:

@Miles is one of our amazing developers at Vidcode! Read all about her here: Intro to Miles!

I learned about Vidcode because of my Home Library. I help teach computer basics to adults and I saw a flyer for learning how to code for girls. I thought it was a great idea that they started a new program at my library to encourage more girls into the STEM Field. I tried to put my little sister into the program but it was already full. I had experience teaching coding in Ecuador and also in a computer science program since I was 15. Now, in college, I decided to join this community for research for one of my classes.

What a great story, thanks so much for sharing @cvaquero! Hearing about individuals who take the initiative in their communities to expand STEM accessibility (especially to girls) is so inspiring for us. It’s why we do what we do, but we couldn’t do it without help from people like you!

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That’s great! If your little sister is still interested, we’re running virtual clubs every Thursday. She can sign up at

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I learned about VidCode from our tech support team.

Awesome @mcgee, and welcome to the Vidcode family!

If you know of other teachers, admins, librarians, or parents who might benefit from our free resources during this time, help us spread the :revolving_hearts: : Vidcode Goes Free to Support Schools!

I heard about vidcode from a youtube channel

Cool! :sunglasses: Thanks so much for sharing @ivor, and we hope you’re enjoying the platform!

email is my primary avenue of getting info. I am trying it to see how I like it.

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