Distance Learning - Tips and Suggestions

Strange times we are living in now. Please use this space to share how you’re adjusting to “distance learning”, ask questions, or share what has worked for you!

Need inspiration for your library planning distance learning and programming? Check out the awesome stuff that Schaumburg Library is doing in Illinois! Love it!! :sparkling_heart:

Praise for Vidcode’s Distance Learning Resources!!

These success stories are so exciting to hear! We’d love to hear your feedback on working with Vidcode virtually as well. Any thoughts you’d like to share??

Have you heard what schools are saying?

“My students have no trouble using the easy-to-follow, user-friendly interface. Vidcode lessons allow for creative freedom while learning standards-based material. As a virtual instructor, I feel confident facilitating my students’ journey through Vidcode courses.” - Tammie, Instructor

“We have partnered with Vidcode for several years using their creative coding courses. We were attracted to these offerings because they are highly interactive, immediately get students coding, and students see the results of their work in real-time.” - Scott, Director of Instruction

Read more about how schools and libraries are using Vidcode virtually!


One question librarians ask me a lot is how to actually run a distance learning program. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Outreach: How do you normally advertise your programs? Social media is an invaluable tool at this time. Twitter, Facebook, and a page on the library website all help. If you have an email newsletter that regularly goes out to your patrons, you can mention your upcoming program on there as well.

  2. Video conferencing platform: You already know what coding curriculum/tutorials you want to use so what else do you need? If you’re doing any virtual classes or clubs, you’ll definitely want some kind of way to communicate with your patrons. There are a lot of free video conferencing options out there. Definitely do your research to see which would be easily accessible by your patrons.

  3. Preparation: Look through the Vidcode activities you want to do with your students. Go through it once or twice to get a feel for it. And read through the lesson plans.

Hope this helps!