Did you know... Vidcode has a Sandbox!

In case you haven’t explored it yet, Vidcode has a coding Sandbox that you can always access! The Sandbox is a great place for you to create projects and videos on your own using all of the fun things you’ve learned with Vidcode so far!

Check it out here: Vidcode’s Sandbox

Happy Coding!

Thanks for posting about this Maggie! I love the sandbox. I use it to test out new ideas for Vidcode functions, or just to code something quickly when I get a new idea.

In addition to our linear coursework, Vidcode has a sandbox that you can always access! Once you’ve logged into your account, press “Start coding”, then navigate to "Starter kit"and it’s the last tutorial.

Or, head straight to this link: https://www.vidcode.com/project/sandbox

Who can use the Sandbox?

Anyone! That being said, the Vidcode sandbox is best used by teachers or students who are already fluent in a web programming language.

Who can I share this with?

Anyone who already knows a little JavaScript will enjoy this Sandbox. Share the link above!

Happy to help.

We know there’s a lot to think about when looking at coding curricula. Reply directly to this message with any questions - big or small! No question is too small :).