So You're Interested in Vidcode... What's Next?

So You’re Interested in Vidcode… What’s Next??

In this section, we will post useful resources for our future Vidcode educators. Get answers to our most common account questions, know what to expect and where to go for help, and prepare for Day 1 with your students. Ask your colleagues and peers what a day in the life of a Vidcode educator is really like!

How can I use Vidcode as a homeschool parent?

We get this question a lot. Vidcode is actually a perfect solution for a homeschool parent who wants to introduce their child to coding, at an incredible cost!

We have a year-long JavaScript course that allows students to build out creative portfolios. On the parent end, you have access to lesson plans and teaching materials. Pricing is $20/student for a year.

It’s as easy as:

  1. Make a teacher account here:

  1. Request an individual student license here:

  1. Add your homeschool child to your classroom and start coding!

Questions? Please let us know!
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