FAQs from Tech Directors & Principals

Q: Copy of video demo
A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLC1V-_Co0k

Q: Tech specifications?
A: Vidcode is a website and used via any modern internet browser. We recommend Chrome! In terms of devices, Vidcode works on all devices including laptops, desktops and ipads.

Q: Course list of A-G approved courses
A: Vidcode has a ‘G’ approved course in California titled ‘Creative Coding’

Q: Teacher/Administrator training options (pricing/time commitment/ levels)
A: No training is required to begin a Vidcode course. That being said, many schools opt-in for training to support their teaching staff. Vidcode School License Packages include an 1-hour training for all teachers at the school site who are planning to incorporate Vidcode into their courses. We also offer in-person PD for $3,000/day (popular with school districts) and 1:1 virtual coaching.

Q: Sample Units that I can review (choose a few from each subject)

Q: Cost options based on site licenses, student usage, etc (economies of scale pricing models)
A: $600/year for one teacher and unlimited students, $2,900/year for full access for a school or district with up to 10 instructors.

Q: Completion rate/data
A: On average, with a sample size of 500 students, Vidcode classes complete between 20-90 coding tutorials and produce over 1,500 coding projects.

Q: Any other support materials that you believe would be helpful as we make this decision?
A: Please request our team to send you our most updated scope & sequence in addition to our course matrix - info@vidcode.com

Q: What is the amount of time needed to implement the program once we decide - “how much time do you need on your end once we have board approval and agreed to a pricing structure?”
A: The program can start the next day once we have approval and pricing aligned. We can schedule our 1 hour training (oftentimes split into two 30 minute sessions) as quickly as you need to to get your program up and running. You can also get started without a training session and we can approach the session as a Q&A session one month into the program.