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This is awesome! Very campy horror-movie vibes

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Finally found the time to get back to this!

Placing those glasses was harder than I expected, and it was interesting to see how trying to move them ever so slightly after the rest of the code was done actually meant I had to go back in and make changes to more than one field for everything to still work. So I think I’ll leave the sunglasses as they are. For now.

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So a couple things about this one:

It works, but when I just put ‘var headline_box = rect(-5, 210, movie.width, 62);’ it worked ok in the editor, however in the ‘published’ screen it actually moved the rectangle all the way to the left! While messing around I changed ‘movie.width’ to ‘movie.width+12’ and it showed the edge of the rectangle on the left side of the screen. I messed around more and now it’s actually the way I wanted it, but I had to use ‘movie-width+500’. I don’t mind, but I’m wondering why it got weird in the publisher when (as far as I can tell) I used the original instructions. And why did it only get weird after I put it in the publisher, but not while it was in the editor?

Also is there a list of fonts that work?

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This is wonderful! I really like how organized your code is.

Hi Carolyn,

I’ll look into the bug you’re talking about.

Here are a list of web-safe fonts that will work on any web-based project, including the ones you make on Vidcode!

Hi Leandra,

Thanks for the link! And I just realized I could have done a screen capture when it happened! Oh well, maybe if something else odd happens I’ll remember to document it better.

Here is the link to my project:

here’s a link to my project

Here’s the link to my first project! I’ve run through Javascript 101 with my students a few times before taking the PD course, so I was trying to push myself to use filters and videos that I hadn’t before.

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This is great! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Here is my first project as I work through the course…working with filters.

And a meme: Practice Meme

These are great! I love the multiple lines of text.

And a slideshow: Practice SlideShow