How to make the most of learning to code at home

Learning to code at home can feel isolated and even harder than usual, but almost every developer has had to learn on their own at some point. I certainly have! There are several things you can do to accelerate your learning when you can’t physically be with a teacher or other students.

  • Set up a time to work virtually with a friend who’s also interested in learning to code. Even just opening FaceTime and silently supporting each other while you learn can have a huge effect.
  • Sign up for one of Vidcode’s Remote Coding Clubs! Sign up here for a small-class experience, with live help from educators and the support of other students.
  • Take advantage of being stuck at home to hack your workspace. Do you often forget what arguments to use in the rect() function? Write then down on a sticky note and keep it near your computer! Keep a glass of water near your workstation. Adjust your chair to exactly the right position, and make sure your workstation supports comfortable coding. Your wrists and eyes shouldn’t be hurting!

Most importantly, remember that everyone’s been there. There have been many times when I’ve been learning to code, trying to understand something new, or fixing a bug totally alone. It can feel isolating and overwhelming, but there are so many people out there learning alongside you, who are ready to help.

What’s helped you be a productive learner at home? Drop hints below!

Take a break when necessary! Staring at the same code for hours won’t change it :nerd_face:


This is so true! When coding alone it can be so easy to get sucked in, staring at the same code while your eyes glaze over. Don’t do that! Get up and do some jumping jacks, or pet your cat. I guarantee the problem will seem more manageable when you return to it.