Anyone have a Pong project?

I have a student who has coded BrickBreaker and wants to convert this to 2-player Pong. It’s beyond my skill level without more work than I have time for. Has anyone else ever coded this in JavaScript?

Here you go!

Great, Lea!

I see how I control the left paddle - how does another player control the right paddle? That’s the challenge.

Hello! In this version, it’s just controlled by a computer, but a student could make A/Q be up and down for the left and P/L be up and down for the right, or something similar

Something like this:

Perfect, Lea! Thank you!

Hey - are you the actual coder, or are there a team of coders you can ask to make stuff, and then you just post it?


I am the pong coder :joy: However we do have a development and curriculum team as well working on new assignments and features!

Let me know if your students have any other project ideas or questions we can help with!

Will do. That was helpful - thanks!