Welcome Vidcode Educators and Teachers!

Welcome Vidcode Educators and Teachers!

Welcome! This section is geared toward our community of current and future Vidcode educators. It contains pertinent resources, community discussion, tutorials, tips & tricks, and much more. Check back often for updates, or click here to be the first to know when new topics are posted! We hope it will become a space to share best practices, questions, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. We’re building a professional learning community for our amazing educators who are making a difference every day in your classrooms!

Please reference our community guidelines to help us maintain a professional, respectful, and supportive environment for learning and sharing.

We ask that you follow these fundamental principles when interacting with others in the Vidcode community:

  1. This forum is for discussions around teaching and learning in computer science and with Vidcode. If you have a question or comment related to any of the following, please do not post it here as we might not be able to respond in a timely manner: Vidcode bug reports, broken links or issues with the Vidcode website, errors or mistakes in any of our curriculum documents, support requests for your classroom or library, or help you need from a Vidcode employee. If you need to post on any of the above, please go here and post your question on our chatbox (https://www.vidcode.com/).
  2. As educators, we all want the best for our students. When providing feedback to others in this forum, please assume positive intent on the part of the original poster, and endeavor to add to the discussion.
  3. Trolling and unprofessional behavior will result in an immediate ban from this forum.
  4. This forum is available for you, our educator community, to teach, help, and encourage one another. We will be monitoring the space, and we look forward to connecting with you as well!

We look forward to hearing from you!