Inspire Us! Tell us about your most inspiring CS teaching moment

There are moments for all teachers that define why you do what you do for your students. Tell us your most memorable or inspiring moment teaching CS!

Maybe you had a student that wasn’t really engaged in school, and coding became a passion that changed their lives. Maybe it’s just the smiles and excitement you see every day when they come to your coding class. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear about it!

I’m not an educator now, but one of my first jobs was as a Scratch instructor for a tech-focused summer camp. We had a parent showcase on Fridays where the students (mostly 7th graders) would show their parents the project they had worked on all week.

One of my students (I’ll call her Leah) was getting more and more upset as Friday morning wore on. Her code wasn’t doing what she wanted it to and the game she wanted to show her parents just wasn’t working. Leah called me over to help her with one of the issues, and after we fixed it she said something like “but what if I can’t fix all the problems before my parents get here!”. I said “Leah, just so you know, I could fix all the issues in a couple of minutes if you needed me to. But I’m just your safety net, this is your project and I know you can get it working by the afternoon”. And she did, and she made an amazing game, and I was so proud of her.

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Love these stories! These are why we do what we do every day!!