Cross-Disciplinary CS

This section is for any Vidcode educators that are teaching coding through cross-disciplinary formats. How do you integrate CS education into other content areas? Content area integration is becoming more popular as a means to 1. Make time for CS education in crowded curriculum schedules, and 2. As a way to ensure CS is accessible to all students.

What strategies have you taken, what lessons have you learned, and what success have you found with cross-disciplinary integration of CS?

A common question we get from teachers and librarians is does Vidcode have cross-disciplinary units for specific subject areas?

The answer is yes, in an open-ended way.

  1. We are an open-ended multimedia platform so any subject-area teacher can make a project related to their current classroom material by uploading photos, videos and/or audio into their coding project
  2. Teachers can leverage our existing lesson plans for any subject area

Cross-curricular Sample Projects:

Cross-disciplinary case study - Mayfield blog post: