Did you know about Vidcode's debugging console?

Vidcode’s workstation has an expandable console at the bottom of the code editor. You can print things to it, like text, variables, or even objects, to check their status during execution of your code. This is a great way to debug! For example, if you have code like this
if (x > 0) {
score += 1;
but you don’t see the score updating on screen, you can use the log() function within the if statement to check if whether the problem is in setting the value of score, or displaying it.

Love this new feature! It’s great for coding teachers with more experience as well as new teachers who have a desire to start learning/teaching about the debugging consoles on the web.

This is a great way to integrate Vidcode with the internet. Show the console on Vidcode. Show the console on your web browser. Ask students what looks the same and different? Explain, that engineers and programmers use the console to debug their programs throughout the day in the real world.

Here are some images to help you use the console!

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