AP CSP Portfolio Submissions

Are your students feeling prepared for their Computer Science AP portfolio submission in May?


We’ve heard from HS teachers that they are looking for extra AP resources and curriculum that they can provide their students to build their portfolios during e-learning. We’ve got you covered!

Did you know that Vidcode has 180 hours of tutorials and activities specifically designed for AP prep work and building portfolios? Check out the curriculum here: AP Computer Science Principles


Did you also know that we are providing our entire platform and curriculum for free (including AP CSP!) during school closures? It’s not too late to sign up!

And don’t forget that your AP-CS student can always let their imagination run free in the coding sandbox! No instructions, just experimentation and creation with access to every one of Vidcode’s built-in filters and functions.
Projects made in the sandbox can be published, shared, and submitted just like projects made in a lesson.

Hi :slight_smile: I clicked the link for the AP CSP curriculum and was taken to the page that describes it, but when I was asked to log in or create an account I was taken to my main Vidcode dashboard. I can’t seem to find where APCSP materials are hiding once I’m logged in. Thanks for your help!

Hi @eahouston, thanks so much for your inquiry, and our apologies for any confusion on locating the APCSP coursework! We currently have AP level work throughout the curriculum, but you will soon be able to separate the APCSP course out to assign to students directly.

Here’s a great document to give you a great breakdown about our APCSP coursework!

Oh fantastic! That document is very helpful :slight_smile: Some fun reading for the evening!